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    Engineer , Economist, Teacher, Author


F.E. Jacob was born in the “prehistoric” year of 1978, is a Production Engineer and holds a Master’s degree in Economic Policy. He’s been reading as much as a Neanderthal ate, ever since he was a child and would devour any book, article or comic book that passed under his nose and became an adult that is focused on the issues present in today’s society. He considers himself to be a “generic nerd” that is addicted to information, constantly reading everything about ancient societies, economics, physics, political science, psychology, biology and any other area of human knowledge.He estimates that 3.22% of his DNA is of Neanderthal origin, which may explain his great appetite for knowledge. One day when he woke up he realized that the only activity that will make it possible for him to use his knowledge about different subjects would be literature, which has always been by his side, in the form of a patient and silent companion that was awaiting his decision to take on the challenge of writing professionally. And so, he now makes his debut in the literary universe with Homo tempus. F.E.Jacob is member 032 of AILb (International Academy of Brazilian Literature )


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